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Our Products:
  Fluted Rollers
  Roller stands
  Nose Bars
  Bottom Apron Tension Devices
  Traverse Motion
  Draft Gearing Unit
  Top Arm Bars
  Top Rollers
  Drive studs
  Brake Pads
About Us

NATHAN INDUSTRIES was established in the year 1963, for the manufacture of Bottom Rollers - Fluted and Knurled with the technical help of M/s.TEXTOOL COMPANY LTD., Coimbatore and started its manufacturing and supplied as a Original Equipment supplier to M/s.TEXTOOL Company limited, and also started supplying it to the Textile Mills for replacement market.

Since then we are regulary updating our process and machiney to produce the best quality rollers, Our company was the first manufacture to produce cold rolled flutes and Knurles for bottom rollers in India in the year1997.Similarly we introduced High frequency Induction hardening for our products. We were the only company to produce Comber detaching rollers made of single piece next the machinery manufactures in earlier times.

We are now equipped with upto-date Machinery, Process and Technology. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Bottom Fluted and knurled Rollers for all process for all makes of Textile machinery and Various Drafting materials for Textile mills. Our products quality meets the standards set by most of the 100% EOU units who are more concentrating on the yarn quality aspects.

We supply our products to all the leading mills in India and also export our products to various countries.