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Our Products:
  Fluted Rollers
  Roller stands
  Nose Bars
  Bottom Apron Tension Devices
  Traverse Motion
  Draft Gearing Unit
  Top Arm Bars
  Top Rollers
  Drive studs
  Brake Pads

We manufacture Comber detaching bottom rollers and comber draw box rollers with optimal number of grooves, groove angles and flute profile, along with special surface finish provide smooth running and better fiber control over the rollers. The rollers are made out of EN-9 Grade Steel, Cold Rolled Helical fluted or straight fluted rollers which provides more number of nipping points for better control of fiber and better cot life, High frequency induction hardened to withstand high pressure, precisely ground flutes to give better yarn quality. Depending on the number of deliveries per line we provide the fluted rollers in single piece or in joints as per the original standards.

  Detaching roller Diameters : 25mm, 25.4mm, 28mm, 28.5mm.

  Draw box roll diameters: 27mm, 28mm, 28.5mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm.

  Length According to the number of deliveries either in single piece (without joints) upto 4000mm or with joints to your required length.

1.Lakshmi Rieter - LR E7

2.Lakshmi Rieter - LR E7/2

3.Lakshmi Rieter - LR E7/4

4.Lakshmi Rieter - LR E7/5

5.Lakshmi - LK 250

6.Lakshmi - LK 54

7.Rieter - E60

8.Rieter - E65






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