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Our Products:
  Fluted Rollers
  Roller stands
  Nose Bars
  Bottom Apron Tension Devices
  Traverse Motion
  Draft Gearing Unit
  Top Arm Bars
  Top Rollers
  Drive studs
  Brake Pads
Ring frame & Speed (simplex) frame:Back

We manufacture bottom rollers of high quality standards. The optimal groove angles and groove profile, along with special surface finish provide friction free smooth running and better fiber control over the rollers. We provide Cold Rolled Alternate Helical fluted rollers and Knurled rollers which provides more number of nipping points for better control of fiber and better cot life, precisely ground flutes to give better yarn quality and free from peak problems. Our rollers suits for 100% Cotton, Blends of Cotton and man made fiber or 100% man made fiber. We manufacture fluted rollers for various processes as mentioned below from 25mm diameter to 40mm diameter.

Range / Gauge :

1. Gauge from 63.5mm to 130mm

2. Number of spindles between roller stands are 8, 6, 4 spindles.

Fluted Rollers Bottom Rollers Drafting Rollers Knurled rollers:

1. Diameters : 25mm, 25.4mm, 27mm, 28mm, 28.5mm, 30mm, 32mm,    35mm,38mm,40mm.

2. Flute length : 32mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 52mm

  Laxmi Rieter LR G5/1

  Laxmi Rieter LR-6

  Laxmi Rieter LR-63

  Laxmi Rieter 6A

  Laxmi Rieter 6S

  Laxmi Rieter 6AX

  KTTM RXi 240

  Suessen Finomax 1000

  Textool 4A

  Textool 5A

  Textool 5HS

  Textool 5HRS

  Textool Narrow Width

  Textool DJ-50

  Textool DJ-500

  Textool Worsted WS-60

  Texmaco K2

  Texmaco Hi-Spin

  Texmaco Howa NMM - MEI -

  Mark-I NMM - MEI -

  Mark-II NMM - MEI -

  Mark III

  MMC Marzoli

  Jeets - JSA

  Jeets - JS 1

  Jeets - JS 2

  Jeets - JS 3

  United Machine Works (UMW)

  United Machine Works (UMW) worsted

  Sathish Ring Frame

  Sathish Worsted



  Zinser 68 i


  Toyoda RY-5


  Platts Sacolowal


  NMM Worsted

  NSC Worsted