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Our Products:
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  Material Handling- AGV

Material Handling- AGV

             Our Automated Guided Vehicles are specially engineered with our innovative technocrats making it adaptable for various industries and warehouse. The vehicle is completely optimized in all aspects of design and agility by our crew in R&D. This makes it easily affordable in all range of our products. The vehicle is designed with the necessary safety features to suit indoor material handling.

Type: Industrial grade line follower (can move in complete darkness and varying lighting conditions)
  • Up to 1.3 m/s (Standard)
  • Various range of speed available (Optional)
Payload ranges: 50 Kgs, 100Kgs, 150Kgs (Optional Top loads)
Operating time: 10 - 12 Hrs
Safety features: Customized obstacle avoidance, Inbuilt fire extinguishers, Front and back emergency stop buttons.
Modes: Auto and Manual (Remote operation)
Charging time: 10Hrs
Alert Indications: 5 different Indications (customizable)
Vehicle Dimensions: 900 x 620 mm (customizable on user requirement)
Communication: USB
Ambient temperature range: +5° to 50°C
Loads: Top Loads / Pulling / Both